Avid Gives

Avid Gives Back

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get,
but from what we give.”
-Ben Carson

Hands from many people forming a heart to symbolize caring and helping others
group of volunteers smiling
one hand passing a small red heart to another hand to symbolize charitable giving

Giving Back

We believe we can make a positive difference in our community, in part, through charitable giving. By community, we do not just mean our literal, geographic community, though we do love our company’s birthplace: Richmond, Virginia.

Every business quarter, Avid Marketing RVA donates a portion of net income to a non-profit organization/charity that helps people in need, supports education, and/or generally helps people improve their lives.

At least once each year, active clients have the opportunity to vote on the non-profit that will be chosen to receive a charitable donation, from a list of pre-selected non-profit organizations.

Active clients are also welcome to submit a new non-profit organization for future consideration.